About Us

"It's not enough to just keep it out of the landfill, we must create products that help clean up the world."

—Jon Fleck, Owner A de F, Ltd. Inventor, Environmental Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

About A de F, Ltd

A de F, Ltd. is a privately held, entrepreneurial company located in St. Paul, MN. owned by Jon Fleck. From a healthier and more convenient way to cook bacon in the kitchen to a fuel saving device on the road, Jon Fleck’s innovations focus on simple solutions to real opportunities that add measurable value to everyday life (as exemplified in Charles Fishman’s book “The Wal-Mart Effect”). From the world’s largest businesses, to millions of kitchens throughout North America, his company delivers real products every day to those who appreciate value through innovative design.

❝ This was an easy choice for me. The price of diesel fuel is going up and the Deflecktor wheel covers save me money. Our drivers have an easy time with installation and inspection and agree that the covers are durable. I'll keep using the Deflecktor on all of my trucks.❞

—James Conway Jr., MI

Being one of the original products on the market to help Class 8 truck fleets save thousands on fuel, Deflecktor has a rich history in the industry.

Behind Deflecktor

The idea for the Deflecktor was conceived nearly 20 years ago. At the time its creator, Jon Fleck, was employed as a product manager at one of the nation’s largest heavy-duty truck dealerships located in St Paul, Minnesota.

Jon recounts the day when one of his fleet managers approached him with a request. “He simply wanted his wheels painted.” The events that followed span nearly two decades. This story is a testament to the degree of determination it takes to realize a goal despite the many pitfalls, potholes and roadblocks.

“The following spring the same fleet manager pulled me aside. Apparently, the paint on the wheels - those on the curbside - was wearing disproportionately to those on the roadside. Evidently the curbside wheels were picking up more road grit.

That’s when it occurred to me. The year was 1991. The first wheel cover was ready. Forged out of aluminum it turned out to be heavy and a challenge to install. Nonetheless one of the nation’s foremost trucking companies was intrigued enough to test it. The Society of Automotive Engineering Type 2 test yielded a 1.5 to 2 percent gain in efficiency! Great news. But the design was a clunky metal cover and fuel was cheap.

Fast-forward to January 8th 2006. On a flight home from Calgary, while reading the Sunday edition of the Calgary Herald, I came across a familiar name - Russell Stormer. Mr. Stormer was the primary examiner of new patents in Washington D.C., the very same examiner who signed off on my original wheel cover patent some 15 years earlier. In the article Mr. Stormer spoke of the ability to make everything in our lives lighter. This got me thinking.

Technology had come a long way. New fabrics had since been invented. Inspired by the article, I quickly went to work designing a wheel cover for the 21st Century. This time the new wheel cover would be fabric, not metal. I put in a call to my trusted patent attorney. Shortly thereafter I was working with a brilliantly talented seamstress. The results were better than anticipated. The design was simple, the materials extremely durable. The Deflecktor was born.”